Green Reads Battle of the Books

Friday, July 30


Katharine Wright Park

Open to those who have read and reviewed at least 3 books in a single age bracket from the Green Reads book list.

Prepare for Battle!  It’s an epically fun, bookish game with more running than The Gingerbread Man!  The library lawn will be set up with red and blue “end zones.”  When Miss Jacqui calls out a question, run to an end zone to indicate your answer.  One end zone has the correct answer and earns you a point!  The other end zone has an incorrect answer, and earns you no points.  The person or team with the highest number of points in each category wins!

The winners in each category will walk away with trophies.  All participants will receive an exclusive brag tag. The categories are: Family Reads, Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Teen.

A few rules:

  1. Only those people who have read and reviewed at least three titles in a single age bracket from the Green Reads are awarded a Baby Yoda brag tag and qualify to participate in the Battle.
  2. Family Reads is a team competition.  A team consists of at least two family members or friends who read together.  It is possible for a member of the winning Family Reads team to participate and win as an individual in the elementary and teen competitions.
  3. Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Teen age brackets are competitions for individuals.  Readers can compete in multiple categories but can only win in one age bracket.
  4. Competitors and spectators are urged to focus on the fun, and to cheer everyone on! 
  5. In case of inclement weather, the battle will move to Zoom.  A link will be sent to everyone who qualifies for the Battle (see 1 above). Competitors will use red and blue items from around their houses to signal their answers. 


If you have any questions, please speak with or email Ms. Jacqui:

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