changing to LinkedIn Learning is integrating with LinkedIn to become LinkedIn Learning.LinkedIn Learning with content

Most patrons can still access course content for free using a library card and PIN, but must now have a LinkedIn account* to sign-in. LinkedIn Learning offers more than 6,000 courses on marketing, coding, animation, software development, web development, design, art, business, and more.

See below for answers to questions you may have regarding access and privacy.
*LinkedIn requires all users to be 16 years or older.



How do I access LinkedIn Learning?

You will need to use your LinkedIn account to login and use LinkedIn Learning.  If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you will need to create one.

I don’t want to create a LinkedIn account. Can I still use it?

No, LinkedIn Learning will require a LinkedIn account to access courses and certificates. If you prefer not to register for an account, we urge you to download and save your completed courses ASAP.

Will I lose my progress in courses?

Your progress, achievements, and badges will carry over to your LinkedIn account. You will, however, need a LinkedIn account to access them.



Will LinkedIn store my library card number and PIN?

LinkedIn will encrypt and store the library card number. Your PIN will not be stored.

Do I need to give LinkedIn a lot of personal information?

The amount of personal information you share on your LinkedIn profile is up to you. If you're seeking professional development and social networking, you may want to fill out a full profile, but if you prefer obscurity, all you need to provide is an email address and initials. LinkedIn’s user agreement does require that:
  • you have only one LinkedIn profile
  • any information you do provide is truthful
  • you be at least 16 years old 
If you log into LinkedIn Learning, the Library is required to share your card number as part of the verification process, but your library card number will not appear in your profile.

What is Wright Library’s stance on privacy?

The Library takes your privacy very seriously. If you choose to continue to access from LinkedIn, you will be subject to LinkedIn’s privacy policies. A requirement that library users disclose personally identifiable information runs counter to the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights. Read more about the ALA’s stance on privacy here.

Will my information be safe with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn states it is moving the information within the LinkedIn environment to strengthen protections around user data, and to provide users with better tools for managing how their information may and may not be used. LinkedIn’s privacy policy also states that they will “share your data across [their] different Services and LinkedIn-affiliated entities” including Microsoft. Read LinkedIn’s privacy policy.

If you have other questions about this change or about online privacy, ask a reference librarian.