Youth Summer Reading Club 2022

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2 ways to participate

Register starting May 21. After you register, get your Prize Card-- either download and print, or pick one up at the library. Prize Cards give you two ways to participate and earn prizes.

Make sure to claim all prizes by 5 PM on Sunday, July 31!

Oceans of Possibilities
tracking calendar

Reading Goal Tracking

How does it work?
  • Step 1: Choose a reading goal for the month.
  • Step 2: Mark the calendar on your Prize Card every day you reach your reading goal.
  • Step 3: Reach your goal on 14 days in a single month (or 5 days between May 21-31) and you’ve earned a prize book! Reach your goal every day in a single month (or every day May 21-31) to earn an entry in a grand prize drawing!
  • Step 4: Visit the library’s Youth Services desk to claim your prize— a brand new book that you get to choose and you get to keep!
What makes a good reading goal?

A good reading goal can be accomplished in a single day, and is neither too easy nor too hard.

Here are some examples.

  • Read for 30+ minutes
  • Read 50+ pages
  • Read 2 books
  • Read a book before every naptime
  • Draw an illustration for a book you just read
  • List 3 facts from a book you just read


Bingo card


How does it work?
  • Step 1: Complete an activity listed in one of the Bingo boxes on your Prize Card. Boxes with cartoons mean “complete your reading goal for the day.”
  • Step 2: Mark that activity complete by crossing off the box. You can write in it, color it in, put a sticker on it—any way you want.
    • 5 boxes in a row vertically or horizontally earn a Bingo prize!
    • All 25 boxes earn an entry into a grand prize drawing!
  • Step 3: Visit the library’s Youth Services desk to claim your Bingo prizes and enter a grand prize drawing.


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