Prizes | Youth Summer Reading Club

After you register, track your reading using this month's printable Prize Card. Visit the library's Youth Service desk to claim prizes or enter prize drawings.

  • Claim all prizes by 5PM on Sunday, July 31.
  • The maximum prizes a person can earn per month is 1 book, 5 bingo prizes, and 2 grand prize drawing entries.
  • A person can win only 1 grand prize drawing per summer.

About the Prizes

gentle octopus holds many children reading books

Book Prizes

Meet your daily summer reading goal 14 days in a single month to earn a book prize. Visit the Youth Services desk inside the library to select your book.

Earn up to 1 book prize per month. 

What is a summer reading goal?

illustrated narwhals jump from storybook pages

Bingo Prizes

Complete 5 boxes in a row, vertically or horizontally, on your Summer Reading Bingo Card to earn a Bingo prize!

Earn up to 5 Bingo prizes per month.

How does Bingo work?

Girl reads while riding a jellyfish

Grand Prizes

Earn up to 2 Grand Prize Drawing entries per month by:

  • reaching your Reading Goal every day in a single month (or all 11 days May 21-31) 
  • completing all 25 Bingo squares 


Grand Prize 1: Kings Island tickets (2 sets of 2)

Entries must be submitted by 5:00 PM June 11. Two winners will be announced Sunday, June 12.


Grand Prize 2: Lego prize from Dayton Brick Shop

Entries must be submitted by 5:00 PM July 3. Winner will be announced Tuesday, July 5.


Grand Prize 3: Jumbo inflatable pool toys (1 shark, 1 turtle)

Entries must be submitted by 5:00 PM July 31. Two winners will be announced Monday, August 1.