BookFlights for Kids and Teens

bookflights for kids
Wright Library BookFlights for Kids and Teens allows readers ages 0-17 to explore a personalized sampling of books, hand-selected for them by the reading experts in Youth Services.  Simply follow the steps below to give it a whirl!

Older than 17? visit BOOKFLIGHTS FOR ADULTS >


  1. REGISTER  --  Fill out a profile to tell us all about you and your reading interests.  Do this before your first order and any time your reading level or interests change significantly.    
  2. ORDER --  Fill out an order form to schedule a BookFlight.  Please allow three business days for us to create an excellent flight for you.      
  3. PICK-UP  --  Your BookFlight will be checked out to you on your pickup date.  Just grab & go!  We'll even email you a reminder.
  4. READ! 
  5. REPEAT -- Return the books when you are finished with them.  Use the feedback survey included in your BookFlight to help us fine-tune future selections for you.   Request your next BookFlight by returning to Step 2.


A Note about BookFlights

The Wright Library's goal with BookFlights is to kindle a love of reading and to encourage kids and teens to discover something new that intrigues them.  You may not fall in love with everything we pick for you. It's even okay if you don't read any of them. We want to help you find books you might otherwise have overlooked, so expect both hits and misses--but over time, we hope our selections for you will get better and better.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jacqui Taylor, Youth Services Coordinator: