LET'S TALK: 2020 Election - Concerns and Aspirations

  Dates & times
  • Wed, 10/21/2020 - 7:00pm
  Category Living Well
  Age Groups Adult, Teen


Wednesday October 21 - 7-8:30pm

Join Wright Library for a virtual conversation using the Living Room Conversation process. Can’t make our conversation? Use the guide for your own conversation with friends and family.

2020 Election Conversation Guide

Headlines, news broadcasts, and social media present conflicting reports on guns, immigration, border security, abortion, climate, healthcare, and other pressing matters – often using facts selected to bolster specific views. It can be difficult to stay open-minded to new learning or understand the perspectives of those we disagree with. This conversation is an opportunity to share and reflect on our perspectives with others; cutting through the noise to seek a more productive exchange about our different values and hopes for the future. Assume people in this conversation will have a diversity of opinion and different political philosophies. 

Conversation Agreements

  • Be curious and listen to understand.
  • Show respect and suspend judgment. 
  • Note any common ground as well as any differences. 
  • Be authentic and welcome that from others. 
  • Be purposeful and to the point. 
  • Own and guide the conversation. 


  • What are your hopes and concerns for your family, community and/or the country?
  • What sense of purpose / mission / duty guides you in your life?
  • What is motivating you to pay attention to or look away from certain political voices?
  • What values are you hoping to promote? To protect?
  • Where do you find news that you trust? Whose thoughts and opinions do you respect?
  • How have you made your voting decisions in the past? What will determine how you cast your ballots in the future?
  • What do you fear about the upcoming election?
  • What do you hope for from the upcoming election?