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Wright Library's mission is to provide diverse opportunities for lifelong learning, personal growth, education, and enjoyment, in the heart of Oakwood. We embrace the Library Bill of Rights which affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas and that all points of view should be represented. Wright Library is a proud member of the Oakwood Inclusion Coalition, a non-partisan non-profit organization whose mission is to study, promote, and celebrate an inclusive, equitable, diverse and welcoming environment and community for everyone who lives, works, visits, or passes through Oakwood

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Anti-racist Reading

Conservative Views

Understanding Others

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(Many nonfiction books are in storage due to library construction. If a title isn't currently available, borrow from another library.)

Asian Experience

Black Experience

Jewish Experience

Indigenous Peoples Experience

LGBTQ+ Experience

Muslim Experience

Poverty & Homelessness Experience



Inclusive Historical Fiction

Inclusive Mystery

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African-American Biographies

African-American Fiction

Body Positivity

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People with Disabilities

People Who Are Neurodivergent

Classic American Picture Books

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Asian Experience - Films

Black Experience - Films

Indigenous Peoples Experience - Films

LGBTQ+ Experience - Films

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