Facility Overview

The Wright Memorial Public Library is a destination for lifelong learning, where community members of all ages come for information, enjoyment, education, and personal growth. Because Wright Library serves the Oakwood community independently, rather than as a part of Dayton Metro Library or another library system, its services are tailored to the unique needs and interests of Oakwood residents.

Wright Library is also one of the most used libraries in America, ranking in the top 1% nationally when compared to libraries of similar size and earning it a 5-Star rating in 2020 by Library Journal. This distinction is both a testament to the value the community places on education as well as the value of the services and collections the library offers.

This past August marked the one year anniversary of the completion of a historic renovation of the original 1939 Wright Library building. We’d like to take this time to share with the community the rest of the building’s story.

Building History

With its Tudor architecture, stained glass windows, and original wood shelving, Wright Library is a registered historic landmark and a reminder that Oakwood is steeped in history and tradition, as well as a unique place to live and learn. As the Oakwood community has grown over time, so has Wright Library. Learn more...

Wright Library’s Facility Needs

While the historic part of the building received a much-needed facelift in 2018, infrastructure issues for the remainder of the building still need to be addressed. Learn more...

Continuing Plans

To be efficient with limited resources, in early 2019, the library engaged an architect design team to look into ways to pair these needed repairs and replacements with modest updates. Learn more...

A Community Conversation

Wright Library is Oakwood’s library, and we look forward to continued engagement with the community in the facility planning process. Updates will be posted to this webpage and will include ways to engage. If you would like more information or have questions or comments, please Kristi Hale, Director, at hale@wrightlibrary.org. We look forward to working together throughout the process.