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What is the Library of Things?

Wright Library's Library of Things is a variety of activities, equipment, tools, and kits so you can learn or develop a new skill, accomplish a practical task, make someone a gift, or discover a new hobby.

Create, build, tinker and learn at your own pace, then share your experiences and creations on Wright Library's Facebook or Instagram.

The Library of Things collection includes:

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What is a Makerbox?

A Makerbox is specifically designed to help you tinker, design, construct, and create something new.

In some cases, you can keep your creations even after returning the kit. 

  • 3D Pen Check Availability - Draw real objects using the 3D printing pen
  • Arduino  | Check Availability - Play with circuits, program, and invent with Arduino, an open source prototyping platform. Requires a home computer with internet access.
  • Balloon Twisting Check Availability - Learn to create balloon animals and sculptures 
  • Biology Check Availability - Microscope with specimen slides; animal anatomy models that can be taken apart.
  • Build a Constellation Check Availability - Young learners can learn the points of the constellations in our night sky
  • Building Check Availability - Six different building sets, including GoldieBlox, Magnetic tiles, and Laser Pegs.
  • Calligraphy Check Availability - Colorful calligraphy markers and pens, guide book, practice notepad and slanted grid paper for hand-lettering practice
  • Code-a-Pillar Twist & Bee-Bot Check Availability - Borrow friendly these friendly little robots to help learn coding skills for young learners under 5 
  • Coding & Circuits Check Availability - Enjoy board games designed to teach coding principles and experiment with Snap Circuits.
  • Cricut Cutter 1 Check Availability - Borrow the Cricut Explore Air 2 to use for paper crafting, vinyl creation, or custom home decor
  • Cricut Cutter 2 | Check Availability - Borrow the Cricut Joy to use for small projects like greeting cards or vinyl decals
  • Cubetto Check Availability - A hands-on, screenless way for children to explore basic computer programming skills
  • DIY Escape Room Check Availability - Everything you need to make an original Escape Room at home
  • Engineeering Check Availability - Build with connectors, gears, wire, wheels, pulleys, dowels, clips, cups and more. Keep what you make and return everything else.
  • Engineer Story Kits for pre-schoolers
  • Gaming Check Availability - Tools to invent your own video game or tabletop board game.
  • Harry Potter Movie & Game Night Check Availability - Watch all of the 8 feature films or play Trivial Pursuit World of HP, HP Labyrinth, or Pictionary Air-HP
  • Harry Potter Party Check Availability - Use the Harry Potter themed baking and candy making molds to make HP themed treats
  • Interior Design Check Availability - Unique tools to help you re-imagine your living space.
  • Juggling Check Availability - Learn to juggle clubs, rings, balls, and scarves from an illustrated instruction book
  • Kids Construction Check Availability - Snap-together building sets
  • Knitting & Crochet Check Availability - Supplies, equipment, and instructions for beginning knitting and crocheting.
  • Makey Makey Check Availability - Map keys on your keyboard to any conductive object, like carrots, play dough, or water. Requires a home computer with internet access.
  • Maneuverability Driver's Ed Set Check Availability - Cones and instructions to set up your own driving test practice course
  • Mini Studio Check Availability - Try vlogging (video blogging) with this Mini Studio
  • Movie Making Check Availability - GoPro camera with accessories to help you make your own movie. Create a stop action film with Animation Studio.
  • Oral History & Podcasting Check Availability - All the equipment you need to record family history or make a podcast.
  • Parachute Games Check Availability - Have fun with this 12 foot heavy duty play parachute and the 4-person game, ParaShoot Set
  • Pattern Making Check Availability - Pattern games for pre-school and early elementary learners
  • Pottery Wheel Check Availability - Make a pot or vase with a pottery wheel, tools, clay, and how-to books. Air dry clay, then paint to decorate.
  • Quilting Check Availability - Basic supplies to cut fabric for quilting
  • Radon Detector Check Availability - Measure radon gas levels in your home
  • Raspberry Pi Check Availability - Use a tiny computer the size of a credit card to program, invent, play games and more. Requires a TV with an HDMI connection.
  • Relaxation Check Availability - Try your hand at Zentangle, use the Buddha Board, or the Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
  • Sewing Machine | Check Availability - Sew up your own styles with the Brother CS6000i, thread and a beginner’s guide to sewing.
  • Spinning Wheel Check Availability - Hand-spin your own yarn with a drop spindle and spinning wheel
  • Telescope Check Availability - Portable telescope for exploring the night sky
  • Ukuleles | Check Availability - Make music alone or with friends-- individual ukuleles or sets are available for checkout.
  • Unicycle Check Availability - Try a new recreational hobby by checking out the library's Avenir Deluxe Unicycle (20-inch wheel).
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Reader Check Availability - Diagnostic tool to help you determine why a warning light is on in your car

Read our Makerbox Policy and Waiver

  • Borrowers must have a Wright Library Card and be in good standing for at least 60 days - Get a Library Card
  • Borrowers must be 8 years or older and have a Library of Things waiver on file. If under 18, a parent or guardian must sign and submit the Library of Things waiver.
  • Download and print the waiver then bring completed waiver to the library with your library card or photo ID.