Local Author Visit

  Dates & times
  • Thu, 06/08/2023 - 7:00pm
  Category Arts & Writing
  Age Groups All ages/special


7pm Thursday June 8 | In-person

Local author and educator, Dr. Morris L. Redd, will share his new children's book Out of This World. Primarily set at the home of sister and brother, Jaz and MJ, Out of This World shows Jaz taking something negative that her brother said about her and turning it into fuel to empower herself to prove him wrong. This book highlights the power of belief in achieving one's goals through exploration, imagination, and determination. Jaz and, ultimately, MJ find hope in the idea that they can become whatever they choose to become, as long as they possess a strong belief in themselves. This title is the first in a series focused on empowering children to form and maintain strong, positive, and inspired self-images. Book sale & signing follow.  

Dr. Morris L. Redd is a "Mindset Specialist" Life Coach whose focus of expertise is mindset adjustment.  He helps people discover their personal blind spots and guides them to see their lives through different lenses - abundant and possibility lenses, to be exact.  For children, similarly, he focuses on hope, dreams, and achievement. He attended Howard University, The University of the District of Columbia, and Global Oved Dei Seminary & University's (GODSU) Honorary Doctoral Degree Program. He earned a Bible Certificate from The Spirit of Faith Bible Institute and his Chaplain’s License from GODSU. His self-published books are available on Amazon.

Out of this world book cover