Wright Library Ambassador Program

About the Ambassador Program

Each fall, Library Ambassadors are selected from Oakwood’s K-6 students based on their outstanding achievements in Wright Library’s Summer Reading Club.

Ambassadors represent the library within their schools and the community, and are involved in several activities throughout the year: Sharing ideas for the library’s future programs and activities; supporting the library at civic events such as the “That Day in May” Parade and Scarecrow Row; and sharing opinions on great books and library resources.

This is the eighth year for the ambassador program.


Enlarge group photo of Wright Library Youth Ambassadors

Wright Library welcomes the 2023-2024 Library Ambassador class

J.R., Morgan, Theresa, Addy, Charlotte, Kasanga, Idris, Mary Frances, Louisa, Charlie, Mirynne, C.R., Tiernan, Simon, Courtney, and Jonathan.

Ambassadors represent grades K-6 from Lange, Harman, Smith, and homeschool. Not all ambassadors are pictured.