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Visit What Tree Is It?
What Tree Is It?

Identify and learn about common Ohio trees. By only knowing one part of a tree (leaf, fruit, etc.), you can follow the samples given until you can identify your tree.

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Visit What's That Snake- a guide to the snakes of Ohio
What's That Snake?

Includes 30 species and subspecies of snakes that are found in Ohio. Learn about Ohio snakes or use the program to identify one you have seen.

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Visit What's the Point- Identifying flint artifacts
What's the Point?

This resource is designed to help users identify flint artifacts, which are some of the most enduring legacies of prehistoric peoples. 

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Visit Banco de contenidos from World Book
World Book: Banco de contenidos

Spanish-language World Book encyclopedia that includes over 100,000 articles as well as images, maps, videos, animations, and sounds.

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