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Sunday, April 21, 2024 Local History Event

Start time: 2:00 PM – Duration: 1 Hour

Location: Wright Library’s Community Room, or watch online

Community Room seating capacity is 80. Please arrive early to ensure your seat. If you cannot attend in person, please request the virtual link.

Local expert discusses Aullwood Audubon's Rich History and Efforts to Help the Bird Population

photograph of Marie Aull
Marie Aull

In her presentation, Nenita Lapitan will share an overview of and the history of Aullwood Audubon, including the biography of Marie S. Aull, its founder. 

Additionally, Nenita will highlight some of the spring ephemerals beloved by Marie. The presentation will then shift focus to the importance of native plants to pollinators and birds, with a special emphasis on those plants that attract and support birds. Nenita will share some of Aullwood’s future goals and plans to engage our local communities in actions that will help reverse the precipitous decline of birds across the Americas-bending the bird curve and bringing bird numbers up. Ms. Lapitan will address the National Audubon and Aullwood Audubon’s strategic plans for increasing the population and survival rate of birds. The new U.S. State of the Birds (2022) report presents a sobering picture about the health of our bird populations, with continuing declines in songbirds, shorebirds, and more. The Oakwood bird count goes toward determining the health of our local bird population and we will hear what we can do to help maintain and increase Oakwood’s bird population by our plantings and other things we can to do to encourage birds in our community.

male and female cardinals in tree

About the Presenter

Nenita Lapitan is the Senior Manager, Center & Farm of Aullwood Audubon, one of 41 National Audubon Society's centers across the United States. Nenita is responsible for overseeing Aullwood’s conservation action strategy and implementation, including but not limited to public programs, land management, farm operations, facilities, and grounds. Working closely with Audubon Great Lakes staff and Conservation Action Centers across the Audubon network, she ensures that Aullwood Audubon is contributing to Audubon’s ambitious goals for conservation and community engagement while also honoring Marie Aull’s intended legacy for the property. She also works to ensure that Aullwood Audubon and its programs are welcoming, accessible, and relevant to all.

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