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Local Authors in our Collection - Borrow many titles by local authors, listed right here in Wright Library's online catalog. (This is not a complete list, but a good starting point.)

Ohio Literary Trail | Ohioana.org - Continue your tour with the Ohioana Library Association's list of destinations across the whole state of Ohio.

Coming soon - We're working with Woodland Historic Cemetery & Aboretum, to present a walk featuring additional authors. Check back for more information in the coming weeks. In the mean time, take a virtual tour of Woodland Cemetery and learn about notable people buried there.


Additional authors

Find more authors with past or present connections to the Dayton Metro Area:

Kristin Kuhns Alexandre (screenwriter, journalist)

Ted Andrews (non-fiction)

Arnold Adoff (children’s author/poet)

Jaime Adoff (writer/teacher)

Robert Atkins (doctor that create/wrote the Atkins diet)

Manda Aufochs Gillespie (non-fiction)

Irving Babbitt (non-fiction, literary critic)

Carrie Bebris (historical mystery fiction)

Bernard Iddings Bell (non-fiction/Christian)

Steve Bennish (non-fiction)

Roy G. Bentley (poet/creative writing)

Tobias S. Buckell (futurist fiction, sci-fi)

William Riley Burnett (screenwriter, novelist)

Kelly Carlin (screenwriter, author)

Brian Carter (non-fiction)

David J. Catrow (children’s author/illustrator)

William Eastbrook Chancellor (non-fiction)

Tom D. Crouch (non-fiction)

Chris Crutcher (young adult, novelist)

Tom Culligan (self-published novelist)

Curt Dalton (local Dayton history)

Kelly Brown Douglas (non-fiction, religious)

Robert Edward Edmondson (controversial pamphleteer/essayist)

John H. Eicher (non-fiction)

Noah Falck (poet)

Jim Ferguson (journalist)

Louis Filler (non-fiction)

Mary Elizabeth Frye (poet)

Dr. David Garrison (poet)

Meryl Getline (non-fiction, newspaper columnist)

Mark Gilroy (suspense/thriller fiction)

C.S. Giscombe (poet, essayist)

James Isaac Good (non-fiction)

Sloane Gordon (political writer)

David Greer (local Dayton history)

Stephen C. Grismer (local Dayton history)

Ann Hagedorn (non-fiction)

Tony P. Hall (non-fiction)

Joshua Harris (non-fiction, Christian)

Megan Hart (romance/ erotic romance fiction)

Roberta Helmer (romance fiction)

Marj Heyduck (newspaper reporter/columnist)

John Hockenberry (journalist/novelist/non-fiction)

Murray Horwitz (playwright, television writer)

C.V. Hunt (sci-fi/fantasy, fiction)

Bill Justice (memoirist)

Lauren Kate (young adult, romance, paranormal, fantasy fiction)

Katrina Kittle (novelist/realistic fiction)

Fletcher Knebel (political fiction)

Charles Knevitt (journalist/playwright)

Trudy Krisher (children’s author, young adult fiction, textbooks)

Geraldine Lawhorn (memoirist)

Lynne Lawner (non-fiction, poet, translator)

Lois Lenski (children’s author, illustrator)

Harry M. Lydenberg (non-fiction)

Henry Maier (memoirist)

Ray Marcano (journalist/reporter)

Dr. Herbert Martin (poet)

Blair Mastbaum (novelist, screenwriter, short stories)

Mindy McGinnis (young adult, mystery, fantasy, historical, thriller, romance)

Nas’Naga (poet, young adult novels)

Mike Nawrocki (scriptwriter)

Jeff Nesmith (journalist, reporter)

Clarence Page (newspaper journalist, reporter)

Mary Jane Phillips-Matz (biographer)

Daniel Edward Pilarczyk (non-fiction, Christian)

Peter Plagens (journalist, non-fiction)

John Stanley Pottinger (novelist)

Stanley Rauh (screenwriter)

Vinay Reddy (speechwriter)

Marion Renick (children’s author)

James Reston (journalist)

Jess Robbins (screenwriter)

Melissa Rossi (journalist, non-fiction)

John Scalzi (sci-fi fiction)

Arthur M. Schlesinger (non-fiction)

Mary Augusta Scott (non-fiction)

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (non-fiction)

Jerry Sharkey (non-fiction)

Joseph Sharts (novelist, journalist)

David Shaw (journalist)

Dennis Shere (non-fiction, journalist)

Barbara Hazen Shook (children’s author)

Strobe Talbott (non-fiction)

Greg Tate (non-fiction, journalist)

Tessa Kelso (journalist)

Anna Todd (fiction novelist, screenwriter)

Robert van Scoyk (television writer)

Tim Waggoner (horror, thriller, fantasy fiction, short stories)

E.J. Westlake (playwright)

Charles W. Whalen, Jr. (non-fiction)

Gayraud Wilmore (non-fiction, theologian)

John Harold Wilson (non-fiction)

Roz Young (biographer, non-fiction, columnist)